About Us

From the whimsical, creative mind of Janice Lai comes Smitten, a breathtakingly refreshing fashion label that draws inspiration from the ornamental style of the Rococo movement, vintage fashion, and doll-like innocence.


Raised in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Janice always displayed a passion & aptitude for the arts, even at a young age. Her leap of faith into the world of fashion began when she moved to Los Angeles to hone her skills at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and it was here that she discovered herself and planted the seed that would become Smitten – blending the layered elegance of the Victorian era with the liberated, flirtatious freedom of 1960s Americana to create fresh new looks for the woman of today.


Despite being raised in a noisy & bustling metropolitan area, Janice’s designs under the Smitten label embody a unique, escapist charm – carrying hints of the long hot days of a European summer. Each design exudes confident femininity combined with a youthful nonchalance, yet makes no sacrifice to be comfortable for the woman-on-the-go. In fact, it might be because Janice was raised in the big city that her escapist tendencies translate so well into her designs.

Every Smitten creation will feel like a second skin to the wearer, as if it were created just for her. So whether you are a career woman or woman with a career, a student or a mother, Smitten offers an outfit for every occasion. No matter who you are or where you are – be it the boardroom or the bedroom, the kitchen or the dancefloor, the classroom or the red carpet, Smitten creates with you in mind.


Fall unapologetically in love with yourself while exuding confidence, control and femininity. Everywhere you go, heads will turn and instant admirers will be Smitten.


Wearing Smitten, you’ll be the woman everyone wants to be, and the woman everyone wants.