We are well aware of how the fashion industry has a major impact on the environment. That’s why we are committed to operating in the most sustainable way possible. 
While Smitten may not be 100% sustainable and perfect, rest assured we are continuously exploring ways to evolve the way we make our clothes that can simultaneously reduce our environmental footprint. 
Here are our efforts in the meantime: 
All orders are delivered in a drawstring backpack that is reusable. 
Design & Production
We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint hence we only produce our designs in one country. 
Each design is produced in small batches so as to reduce wastage and avoid mass production. 
Due to the fact that Smitten does not mass produce, we are on a continuous journey to seek sustainable fabrics at reasonable prices.
As Smitten wishes to provide our consumers with the best prices, we are always on the lookout for other fabric alternatives that are environmentally friendly.
Smitten’s aim is ultimately to empower women with Smitten’s designs and a part of that journey is ensuring that we abide by all ethical regulations in our factory. 
We go the extra mile to ensure that our factory pays their workers a fair wage. Additionally, we also ensure that they provide a safe and comfortable work environment for their workers. 
Our factory in China is currently working towards obtaining the BSCI certification. 
Learn more about BSCI here